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Where To Search For Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

The growing importance of internet marketing has created a huge market for freelance writers who can create useful, informative content for brands across a wide variety of industries. If you’re a reasonably talented writer, and you can do some basic research on topics you’re not familiar with, then you can easily make money by taking on freelance writing jobs. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of low-paying work out there, with clients paying as little as $1-5 per article. This can seem discouraging, but there’s also plenty of clients who pay decently for high quality content. If you know where to work, you can find the kind of jobs that can help you support yourself without working ridiculous hours. Here are some of the best places online to look for clients who will pay you what you’re worth.

  • Be selective on bidding sites. Bidding sites like Elance are often maligned by freelancers as a “race to the bottom,” with a lot of the work going to people overseas who can afford to be paid less than minimum wage. There is certainly a lot of work like that out there, but you can also find clients who pay decently. You can filter job listings by budget and type, focusing only on those that pay a minimum amount. These are generally more worthy of your time than people paying $3 per article. Some of the best freelancers can make over $50 for a single well-written article.
  • Avoid content mills. This includes both “content mill” sites like Textbroker, and many content companies that hire via Elance for pennies per article. You’ll make more money by working with clients directly than by dealing with a middleman. Content mills are great if you’re just starting out, but if you’re a serious professional with solid experience and a desire to write full-time, you need to move away from content mill work.
  • Network with real-life contacts. This is easier said than done, since to make new contacts, you need to know people already. However, leveraging your network can help you find new clients, who will often pay considerably more than people you find online.
  • Know what you’re worth. If you browse forums and message boards for freelancer writers, you’ll notice there’s a fairly wide range of average rates among writers. You’ll find writers who’ve never made more than $15 for a single article, right alongside writers who never write anything for less than $100. Skill and experience play a major role in how much you can reasonably charge your clients, but in the end, your rates are largely up to you. Don’t feel like you have to work for minimum wage, but don’t overcharge either. Figure out how long an article takes you, and how much you’d like to make per hour, and work from there to come up with a rate.

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