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Only a Well-Educated Person Can Become a Freelance Writer

Not everyone was born to write. Some people are good with fixing cars; others at cooking; while some prefer to be creative with paint and pallet. Many of these activities come naturally to a selection of respective individuals, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be refined by teaching, training, and practice.

So what constitutes a ‘well-educated’ person? Is it someone who knows how to do something out of talent and passion, or is it someone who went and studied for that expertise?

  • A knack for writing
  • Writing, like many other professions, is hard work. It should be something you love to do if you’re to stick through the tough projects. As a freelance writer, you may not always get to write about what you want to, so ask yourself seriously if writing is something you want to make a career out of.

  • Defining the term ‘well-educated’
  • So you want to become a freelance writer. You’ve recognized a talent, and now you’re on your way to turning writing into a full-blown career. You may not be educated in writing at this stage, but that’s okay.

    What are your other interests? If you could write about anything, what would it be? Gardening? Baking? Marketing? Gaming? Whatever you other passions are, if you have a significant amount of experience doing them, you may want to deem yourself as ‘well-educated’ in those niches. Knowing a lot about something and adding that to your writing talent will make for some excellent niche writing that others will flock to read.

  • Writing your niche
  • Again, you may not always be able to write about something that you love, but as a freelance writer, you get to choose your jobs! It’s advisable that you apply for freelance writing jobs that suit your interests or experience. Your client will also appreciate the fact that you know something about the topic and will like the fact that you speak the same ‘language’ as the readers you’re writing for.

  • Refining your talent
  • Talent and passion for writing should never be disregarded. In fact, both are fundamental to making the decision to make freelance writing a full time career. But don’t let that stop you from growing as a professional. Take a course in the type of writing you’re doing and refine your skills as much as you can. Always be willing to learn and never stop trying to improve yourself no matter how long you’ve been at it—or how well you’re getting paid.

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