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A Manual For Rookies: Average Freelance Blog Writer Rates

When joining the world of freelance writing you will need to adapt a flexible perspective. Your jobs will vary vastly in subject matter, demographic, purpose, and rate, but across the board—flexibility is key. How much a freelance writer makes is determined by many factors, which can include client budget, writer’s experience, length or depth of job, and many more. The average freelance blog writer is not immune to the flexibility of the job description, but there are some rules of thumb for novices. We have outlined a manual for rookies to consult when starting out in the industry, specifically concerning blog writing and rates.

Determine Your Cost: Personal Goal

When you first start out in this field, you will want to think about your level of experience and the skill set you bring to the table. This will help you determine how much you believe you should be paid. Now, unfortunately the freelance writing field can be lower paying then some other fields of work. So, this number you determine should be a personal goal to strive toward. You may not make this specific number as a novice, but as you build you portfolio and experience—you will see a direct correlation in payment.

Consider Competitors

When you are bidding for a job or putting yourself out there as a potential candidate to complete the work, you will want to think about the competition. You want to find a happy balance when setting your cost. You do not want to sell yourself short, being underpaid, but you also do not want to overbid and lose the opportunity. Overbidding for a job or project will often result in not being selected as the writer, because there is someone out there, possibly equally skilled, willing to do the work for less.

Search High and Low

There are tons of blogs to write for out there. Once you find the right niche for you, you should feel that you are being paid appropriately. Your strong writing will be successful in your specific niche, and this will translate to better payment. By searching high and low for writing jobs you are more likely to find one that it just the right fit. With more jobs to select from you also increase your likelihood of finding a good paying gig.

Although we cannot say exactly how much money you will take home in this industry, we can provide you with a manual for making sure you are getting the best possible rate. Do not sell yourself short, but also do not set yourself up for disappointment. The more you work in the blog writing world, the more work you will get. The larger and stronger your portfolio, the greater your pay rate. You will succeed with dedication!

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