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What Are The Best Freelance Opportunities For Writers

Writers have a tough career field. Everyone today who owns a blog seems to think they are a writer even if they have never taken a creative writing course in their life and have no idea how to differentiate between an adverb and an adjective. And yet they are offering their “writing skills” for inexpensive rates. It really takes away from those who are professionals and well trained in the verbal and written arts. But that does not mean that there are not good freelance opportunities out there for writers… it just means writers today have to sift through a heap of jobs they would only take on in dire circumstances in search of the golden opportunity.

When you work as a freelance writer you can join a multitude of websites that act as third parties. These websites connect you as the freelance writer to freelance writing opportunities. This is quite an improvement over traditional freelancing and makes it much easier to find great jobs.

So what are the best freelance opportunities for writers?

  1. If you are looking for something long term that can supplement or replace your income altogether then a magazine column for a published or internet based magazine is a great job. These are posted every few days and if you keep your eyes open for them you will be surprised how much you can make.

  2. If you want a long term contract you can also supply web based articles for companies that need monthly content. Almost every major company needs monthly content based on their keywords and their field. These articles might be posted on the company website or on an article directory. What matters is that you get paid by the article and you might get asked to do a lot of articles per month. The more you get to know that field and familiarize yourself with the company the easier this becomes.

  3. If you want something short term that does not require a long commitment and can be done on your own time then one of the best opportunities is web copy. New companies or old companies looking to refresh themselves need web copy. Learning how to craft attention grabbing web copy can amount in a great deal of profit and is a one time contract. This means you are not tied down to regular work and can still use your skills to bring home a nice paycheck.

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