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How much money online freelance writers usually earn?

Well that is a really difficult question to answer. The reason being freelance writing is such a flexible occupation. It involves people who do it full-time for a living and work with other freelance writers helping one another and applying for as many jobs as possible, right down to a freelance writer who occasionally applies for a job and occasionally gets one. So to lump all freelance writers in the one category and say they all get X dollars a week or per hour is nonsense.

There is one golden rule which applies to all freelance writers and that is that the best money is paid to the best writers. If you have an outstanding reputation because of your expertise and experience in freelance writing, you stand a far better chance of receiving top rates of pay as opposed to somebody who is simply starting out and has no track record.

It's pretty easy to find out what many freelance writers usually earn by looking at the advertised jobs on the many websites which promote freelance writing. In many cases the job will specify an amount of money. This is usually divided into two categories.

  • Payment per hour
  • A fixed amount for a particular job

When the payment is on an hourly basis, the employer and the freelance writing website will provide software to enable you to keep a record of how many hours you have spent working on the job. When the fee is a fixed amount agreed beforehand, you know exactly what you will be paid. However, there are many jobs which will state that the fee being paid is less than X dollars. Let us say that X is $500. Now the fee of $499 is less than $500 but so too is the fee of $50. So in this situation, from an outsider’s point of view, you don't really know exactly how much the freelance writer will earn.

There are a number of freelance writing websites where the personal details of a freelance writer are available to those who are subscribers or members of that website. The freelance writer usually has the option of deciding whether or not they wish to reveal to the world the number of jobs they have been awarded and the amount of money they have been paid. This is an easy way for you to discover how much money an online freelance writer may earn.

For example, when a freelance writer applies for a job and is happy to have their personal details made public, there will appear with the bid for the job, the number of jobs the writer has been awarded and the total amount of money they have been paid. So if they have completed 10 jobs and been awarded a total of $1000 you can see that on average they are paid $100 per job. But the thing to be aware of is that some jobs pay $40 or $50 and some jobs pay $1000 or $5000.

So there are so many area when it comes to the income made by online freelance writers. It depends on their experience and expertise. It depends on their reputation. It depends on the type of jobs they apply for. But if you wish to make money as an online freelance writer then there is only one thing to do, apply for work.

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