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Things To Know In Order To Get A Well-Paid Freelance Writing Job

The crush of the daily commute to the office can wear down anyone. It is a lot easier to work from home now that the internet brings all you need from an office to your home desk. Those make $$$s in your spare time adverts are starting to make sense. Freelance work is one of those opportunities, but where do you find the work?

The best-paid jobs are available for writers who show they have the required skill set. While everyone writes well when they are discussing their passion, you need good clean copy on every subject.

Here are some hints to help you get start in your search for work.

  1. The Internet. This is first place anyone looks for anything these days. Mass job boards list tempting work but is it all too good to be true. Freelancers who have worked for a while are often willing to give advice if you look on their blogs. The most common suggestion is avoiding the sites that ask for free trials of your work or offer incentive based pay.
  2. Small jobs. Build up your copywriting portfolio with small jobs and then move up to the better-paid work.
  3. Contact Companies. Contact large companies directly and see if they are looking for copywriters as a way of increasing your chances of success. Advice on the freelance blogs is that a beginner should choose clients who have worked with freelance writers meaning they have no unrealistic expectations.
  4. Perfect Headlines. Use social networking as practice at getting the most meaning out of the fewest words. With enough practice, your headlines should be powerful enough, so they jump out of the page.
  5. First paragraph. Use it as an introduction, pulling the reader into the main body of the article. Stay concise and interesting.
  6. Use bullets. Even in the early days of the internet, list posts have always been the most successful.
  7. K.I.S.S. Not a suggestion that you should exchange intimate favors for work. It stands for Keep It Short and Simple. Say what needs to be said using the fewest possible words.

You could try websites and download lessons on how to hone your skills. There are books on how to market your skills. They make a great way of procrastinating. In the end, practice is still the best way to learn the skills you need for a decent wage from copywriting. If you focus your mind on finding the lucrative freelance jobs, you will find them.

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