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The best part of freelance writing is the fact that you never have to leave your home to find quality jobs. With a laptop and an Internet connection, you have everything you need. You just need to know where to look and you really do not have to look very hard to find them. Here are a few tips to finding jobs you will enjoy:

  • Create an account at a freelance writing website. There are so many freelance writing sites online, but there are only a few that have real opportunities with clients who actually pay. When you search for freelancing, you want to choose the websites that have millions of clients and freelancers. The smaller sites do have as many opportunities as the large ones.

  • Build a high quality profile. When you want to find good freelance writing opportunities, you have to prove that you are a good freelancer. Clients only know what you show them, so your profile is all they have to see. Share your best work and all of your qualifications. Pick a photo for your profile that shows your personality and your professionalism at the same time.

  • Take the quizzes. The big sites have quizzes that help you test your skills and showcase them, too. The quizzes are free and the sites let you take them several times, although some sites require that you wait a few weeks before they allow you to retake them. If you score poorly on any of them, do not show them on your profile.

  • Learn about writing proposals. Freelance writers need to write proposals to show clients they are interested in job openings. Along with your profile, the proposal is the only way that the client can see that you know how to write. You should customize every proposal for each job, rather than writing a generic proposal and using it for every job opportunity. Show the client you read the job description. You should also show the client you can proofread, but not sending a proposal that is full of errors. Once you understand the idea behind writing proposals, write as many as you can so you have a better chance of being hired.

  • Keep up your reputation. The best freelance writers care about their freelance reputation. Clients tend to prefer veteran freelancers, which is why rookies have difficulties finding good jobs. Write like a veteran, but act with humility and clients will come looking for you.

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