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How To Find A Good Freelance Writing Job?

Finding work in the economy isn’t easy, and when a person is looking for jobs in the writing industry, well they may have a better chance of going to the moon.  Then finding a steady job in the industry; but there is hope.  Many writers have been able to turn to freelancing opportunities.  But finding the right and good freelance writing job isn’t always easy.  There isn’t always a guidebook when it comes to freelance work, and sometimes a person can have a difficult time finding the right way to go about things.

Luckily there are a few websites that are devoted to helping freelancers find the jobs that would suit them.  But when it comes to finding the job that will work well for the freelancer there are some guidelines that they should follow and warning signs to look for.

Guidelines and Warning Signs:

  • Rating: If the freelancer is using some sort of freelancing site, then chance are each and every user has a rate and feedback listed on their profile.  Others provide this, not the profile itself.  Reading through these will give you an idea of how other view this potential employee.  This can give a person the idea how what sort of expectations, demands, consideration that the potential employee will have of them.

  • Pay: If the person is using a website that has established protocols about how to contact and pay for the freelance work, and the potential employer wants to use a different system, then that is a warning flag.  Never work for free. Never use a system that is not known to you.  If a person isn’t using a host site to find the work. They need to develop a clear-cut agreement that both parties agree to before doing the work.

  • Research: The key to finding a good job with a reliable company is for a person to work with.  They should look the company up and find out what the company does and is known for.  The freelancer is responsible for knowing what they are writing for and how they company operates.

  • Be Choosy: Don’t take every single job offer that comes along.  A freelancer has to know what they are writing about.  When a person is applying for gigs well in advance of when they need them, they can choose what they want to do and don’t want, when offers come in.  Plus the person can’t overwhelm themselves with 30 gigs at once, they need to be able to take the time for each gig.

Keeping these guidelines and warning signs in mind, a freelancer can find suitable work to keep them in gigs and jobs.  They can find writing jobs that they love and will be able to live as a true writer.

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