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Suggestions for Beginners: Freelance Writing Job Description

If you enjoy writing, then you may want to consider a career- full time or part time- as a freelance writer. If this is something you want to pursue, then consider the following tips and suggestions as they will help you in this field of writing.

  • Love to write: This might be a given considering the work writer is in the title, but you need love to write in order to be a good freelance writer. Remember that writing might be something that comes naturally to you, but you still need to work to develop and hone your skills. Remember to always be original, enforce good grammar skills, and write with ease and clarity.

  • Be self-disciplined: Freelance work is appealing to many because you can your own boss to an extent and set your own hours and schedules. You decide what jobs to take and when you want to work and when you want to take a break. However, you also need to set up a schedule for yourself- even the most basic of one- so you can make sure you stay on track with any deadlines your clients have for you.

  • Get a degree: This is not absolutely necessary, however it can go a long way in improving your odds of getting good paying jobs and gigs. If a degree is not doable or feasible, then try to get training. Having a few certificates and training certifications under your belt can also help you justify higher working fees and help you get in with higher end clients.

  • Pick a genre or category: As a writer, you may be able to write in a wide range of fields and cover a range of topics. But it can also be helpful to select a few specific areas that you focus in so you can call yourself an expert in those areas.

  • A hobby or job: As a freelancer, the work you do writing can be done either as a hobby or side job, or as your sole source of income. The way you approach and look at your freelance writing will determine how you approach the jobs and how you market yourself as a freelancer. There is no right or wrong way to use freelance writing, so long as you know your limits, work within your means, and do the best that you possibly can be.

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