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How to combine freelance writing with your regular job

If you want to make some extra money on the side you should combine freelance writing with your regular job. The best thing about freelance writing is that it allows you room to work with your existing schedule. You can choose to take a job on over the weekend when you have a few days to dedicate to it or you can opt to take a job on that has a week-long deadline so that you can work on it during the evenings after your regular job. Freelance writing is the ultimate in flexibility so you can work in extra time and effort when your schedule permits.

Instead of being forced to work when your boss tells you freelance writing gives you the opportunity to search for jobs based on your availability and submit proposals with your schedule. If it fits with the needs of the client then they will hire you.

Consider this: With freelance writing you can search for jobs that have a few days before they are due. You can pick a set of five articles that are due in one week. You can pick a single article due in four days. In any case this permits you to be flexible. For example:

  1. This means that you can write a few notes or an outline while your regular job is slow and there is free time.
  2. You can write during your lunch breaks or regular breaks.
  3. You can write one day after work if you feel creativity spark and you have a few hours before dinner.
  4. You can write at night after the kids have gone to bed and you are finally sitting in a peaceful house.
  5. You can get up before your day job and write before you have to get to work.
  6. You can jot down notes while you are en route to work on the train.
  7. You can write notes while you are waiting for a loved one to get ready for an appointment.
  8. You can write while you wait for anything including an appointment or a meeting or even travel.

In all of these cases you can work in freelance writing as your schedule permits and earn extra money in addition to your regular job. This offers supplemental income that can be very useful to you and your loved ones.

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