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How To Find A Great Website For Freelance Writers

If one is looking for a freelance writer, then trying to find the best site that will have them, can be a challenge. There are, however, a few ways to do this, from looking up information, into asking around. In this article, we will look into some of the ways to try and find a good site for finding reputable freelancers.

  1. Reference Sites
  2. Asking Around
  3. Examining Sites
  4. Reverse Search
  • Reference Sites
  • As with many things, there are reference sites for just about everything. So looking for a good site that host freelancers, that one can either post a job to hire a freelancer, or come in as a freelancer to get jobs. Looking for these sites will help with finding what one is looking for. Some sites just list freelance sites, while others will actually review the sites. In many cases, looking for the reviews can help find a better site.

  • Asking Around
  • If one is looking for a freelancer, it is possible they know someone, or more, that has hired one in the past. If one is a freelancer, it is possible they know other freelancers. Either way asking these sources about their experiences can save the person looking a lot of hard times. See where they found the freelancer in the past, or what sites they use to work from. Most freelancers use multiple sites to get business. Most businesses tend to stick with where they find the best hires, and will usually stick with one or two writers.

  • Examine Sites
  • If the person looking has no one to ask, then looking around, going back to the first suggestion, and examine the site. Look for a number of points that are important to the looker; types of writers, types of jobs, ratings of the writer’s and clients, and what the prices are like on that site. If the types of writers on that site do not fit what the looker needs, or their specialty, then no matter how good that site is, it will not be good for the person searching. If wages are, on average, too low, then do not expect much of the quality. Below $10.00 an hour USD, or equivalent, and one is likely hiring low talent.

  • Reverse Search
  • A reverse search, is just as it says; a Business would look for a site a writer would work from, or a writer, would look for a site a business would hire from. Reference sites are set up for both, so this makes it easier. Examine the site and see if the looker was looking for the opposite reason, would they use that site?

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