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What are the benefits of freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing is a means of controlling your schedule and your work flow. While many people waste multiple hours in their day driving to and from the office a freelance writer has the benefit of working from where ever there is internet.

  • Flexibility
  • You can pick up a job that has a lenient deadline. A client might want an article finished within 7-10 days which gives you quite some time to finish the work. If you are not done in 7 days exactly you can sleep soundly knowing that you have an extra day. You can also stop working for a few days if something personal comes up. If guests arrive unexpectedly and you want to be able to show them around you can do so. You can put work on hold and take your spouse to lunch only to return to work in the evening.

  • Productivity
  • For many freelance writers the freedom to work when time and creativity permits offers better productivity. The brain is unique in that it focuses on two types of tasks throughout the day at different times. It cannot do both simultaneously. This is why creativity seems to “flow” or “come and go” as it pleases. It actually does. The brain can focus on creative/difficult tasks or mundane tasks. This is why at different times during the day you might feel more productive. Because you actually are. That being said a freelance writer can take advantage of this and only work when the brain is at its creative peak rather than being forced to produce work during a set of arbitrary hours. This makes for better productivity in less amount of time which leads to more freedom.

  • Freedom
  • Being a freelance writer gives you freedom. It gives you the freedom to work when you want. It gives you the freedom to work how you want. You can work where you want. You can choose the types of jobs you complete. If you only like writing about fashion you can search only for fashion related jobs. If you prefer writing academic content you can write for an academic company and never have to write newsletters or press releases.

  • Capitalism
  • And possibly the best benefit to being a freelance writer is that freelance work literally epitomizes capitalism: the harder you work the more money you will make. If you want to earn more money one week you have the freedom and flexibility to take on more jobs.

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