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How To Get Paid For Writing Sports Articles: A Freelancer's Guide To The Job

When becoming a freelance writer, you have the option of working on different kinds of articles. You could be doing copywriting, or typing up a thesis or dissertation. Some are introduced into the freelance world by the love of one particular topic. One such topic is sports.

Search Freelance Sites for Jobs Matching Your Niche

Those looking for sports content sometimes post their preferences onto freelance sites. Freelancers are then able to submit examples and bid on the job.

  • Make sure you are bidding for a sensible price, although it can be tempting to bid lower than other freelancers, it can sometimes devalue your work.
  • Don’t settle on one particular freelance site. Research the different ones available to find work in your particular niche.
  • Ensure you read reviews and feedback regarding such sites before undertaking any work.

Search Jobs within Content Sites

Content sites are like freelance sites; only work is available to the first one to take it. Although there will only be some work available within your niche, it can serve as another outlet if work dries up elsewhere.

  • Be mindful that if the requester isn’t happy with your work, it will be rejected.
  • As with other sites, ensure you do your homework on the sites that you sign up to.

Submit You’re Writing Examples to Sites You Wish to Write For

Not all platforms advertize their requirements online. In fact, some sites may not realize then benefit from having you on their team until you forward an example thesis or article.

  • Ensure you include a cover letter on why you want to write for that particular site.
  • Don’t expect a response from everyone; some sites have a certain budget. So while they may not require your services at the moment, they may well do in the future.

Start Your Own Sports Themed Website

If you would rather just write articles for your own site, then this is certainly possible. However, you will be more than likely earning money from advertising revenue.

  • Make sure your articles are optimized for relevant keywords relating to your niche. This will ensure that your information is shown in relevant search results.
  • Ensure you update your site regularly; a strong following can soon vanish if they feel the content is not forthcoming regularly.

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