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What Freelance Writing Sites Have the Best Job Offers

If you are considering becoming a freelance writer there are many websites out there. So which website is the best freelance writing site with the best job offers?

Well the answer to that is really contingent upon your needs and your goals.

For example: If you are brand new to the world of online writing with no portfolio or electronically published material then your goal will be to use your experience to build an online reputation and create a portfolio that is full enough to land you higher paying jobs. But as you first begin working you will need websites that cater to newbies. If you are a beginner and you aim for a website that caters to advanced writers then you will find yourself stuck taking on a job that pays absolutely nothing for hours and hours of work just so that you can get some feedback. Feedback is what builds your online reputation and people who post jobs for newbies know this. They take a risk in hiring someone with no experience hoping that you will do a great job. If you do then they benefitted by paying you very low wages and if you don’t then they did not lose a lot of money. And in exchange you get the feedback and the chance to prove yourself. But you don’t want to confine yourself to people who are paying wages only appropriate for Bangladesh if you can help it.

So in this case you would want to find a website where you don’t have to bid on every job. You would want a website that just allows you to write the articles based on the topic and get them approved by an editor. You will make a standard wage that is tantamount to minimum wage assuming you can type quickly and are knowledgeable with the topic.

However if you are not new to the world of writing and you have an endless supply of samples to provide then you might want to use one of the top two ranked websites online for freelance writing. You can type freelance writing or any combination of those keywords into any search engine and you will be given the same top two websites. These sites are best for people who have already made a name for themselves and have some amount of work history related to writing.

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