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How To Find A Good Freelance Writer Contract Template

Because of the nature of the freelance writing business, you may need to protect yourself with a contract. The main reason is that you are not purchasing a tangible item. You are purchasing intellectual property that you would like to obtain the rights to. You want to make sure that the information that you are receiving is acceptable and that it meets the requirements. Having an individual sign a contract can help protect yourself from losing money for something that you can’t use.

A contract is designed to be a written agreement between two individuals that can be used to hold either side accountable for an action. You can use this as a way to ensure that you get your work completed on time. If you are using a mediator service, they can offer some safeguards for you that will make it so that you don’t have to worry about getting a contract. They may hold the funds in an escrow account to be released to the freelancer once the job is successfully completed. If the freelancer fails to complete the assignment, you will get the funds released back to you. This is a helpful service however it is not free.

Where to find templates:

  1. Online
  2. You can find free freelance writer contract templates online. They have all sorts of different agreements that you can use to create a contract for your freelance writers. You will be able to find many of them on informational websites. These websites are designed to give insight into many different aspects including contracts for freelance writers. These are not legal documents but they may be able to be used in a legal dispute.

  3. Lawyer
  4. A lawyer can write you up a generic legal document that can be used for many or all of your freelance jobs. It can be a general document template. You can also have more specific documents for different jobs or projects. Having a contract written up by a lawyer is probably the most effective contract. Be sure to talk to your lawyer about jurisdiction since freelancers may be found all over the world. To ensure that the document will even hold up in court, be sure to check with your lawyer as to how it has to be written to be effective.

  5. Word processing programs
  6. Some word processing programs may have a template of a contract that you can use for this purpose. It is probably a very general contract that you can utilize. It can be reused to work for all of your freelance writers.

There are several different types of contracts that you can use. There is one that is usually a great idea to use for freelance writers. It is the Letter of Agreement. A letter of agreement is an informal contract that can be used for smaller companied. It is an easy contract to understand and utilize but it is the hardest one to uphold in court. It is best utilized for most of these types because of its simplicity. Most of the time a freelance job is not a lot of money so it really wouldn’t make much sense to choose a really expensive contract for such a small amount of money.

There may be times when you would want to have a contract in place when working with a freelancer to protect yourself. It is usually not for a job that is very expensive so it would make sense to find an easy and inexpensive way to protect yourself from being ripped off.

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