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How To Get Started In Freelance Writing: Tips For Beginners

Starting a freelance writing career might seem hard, as there’re too many possibilities. Some individuals start by contacting potential clients, taking online classes, and creating personal websites. In truth, you should learn only five simple tips for beginners in order to become a freelancer:

  1. Determine your writing specialization.
  2. Some experienced writers advice to choose a work of one kind, as it often leads to more work of that kind. For example. if you decide to write articles for a travel blog, you’re likely to find yourself a successful blogger in a while. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a single niche, as you can have multiple niches. Consider the kinds of writing that you would like working on and come up with several interesting themes for you.

  3. Learn the basics.
  4. You should learn the basics first, including how to develop good writing ideas, where to look for open job positions, and what rates are reasonable. However, avoid reading dozens of blogs, attending an online course, and studying writing manuals at the same time. After you get started, you’ll learn many additional things, as experience is the best teacher.

  5. Highlight your skills and experience.
  6. You should demonstrate the skills that you can offer to potential clients that few other writers don’t have. Keep in mind that clients are willing to pay for the benefits they get by working with you. For instance, you may have outstanding research skills, know two foreign languages, or be a super-fast writer. It’s important to separate yourself from the crowd and so attract the employers.

  7. Create a personal website.
  8. A freelance writer should have a personal website. Many employers consider the quality of writers’ websites as the deciding factor. Your website is your portfolio, so you should include information about your skills and working experience, a list of completed projects, your contacts, and description of jobs you’re looking for. If you can’t build a website, you should at least create a strong social media profile and keep it updated.

  9. Find jobs that boost your portfolio.
  10. It’s important for a beginner to get a first job. However, try to look for opportunities that help you develop your skills, learn new things, and add great samples of writing to your portfolio. Some experienced freelancers started their careers by working for non-profit organizations or volunteering for governmental institutions. You shouldn’t search for high-paying gigs, look for interesting projects instead, and gain useful experience.

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